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Shandong Tianhua Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (hereafter referred to as "Tianhua"), occupies an area of 200 mu (133,333m2) with a construction area of 45,000m2 in the Linyi High-Tech Industrial Development Zone in Shandong.  Tianhua proudly employs more than 200 employees, including 80 technical professionals and in excess of 10 research scientists.  Tianhua operates its plantations under the guidelines of the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) (and owns 10,000 mu (6,666,660m2) planting area for Ginkgo Biloba, 15,000 mu (9,999,990m2) CFDA1 – certified GAP planting area for Lonicera Japonica, and 5,000 mu (3,333,330m2) for Salviae Miltiorrhizae and Scutellaria Baicalensis Georgi). Tianhua is in full compliance with the strict Good Suppliers Practices (GSP) in processing and manufacturing TCM decoction, pharmaceutical raw materials, TCM extracts and pharmaceutical intermediates. The operation of Tianhua includes herbal plantation, processing/ manufacturing and distribtuion, and modern quality control on pesticide and heavy metal residue.  Tianhua develops buisness network in excess of 30 renowned organizations in medical, food and beverage services sectors in over 50 large and medium-size cities in China.  Since its inception, Tianhua has adhered to its maxim, "Conduct business with integrity, and establish oneself through perfectionism".  Tianhua inherits the Traditonal Chinese Herbal Medicine processing techniques to dedicate an unwavering guarantee of high-quality health products and services to the public.  Tianhua strives to become the leader in the industry of pharmaceutical raw materials through integrity, strict quality control, dedication and innovation. 

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